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Net and substantional concrete

Elements of for cable trays and plates channels

Elements for cable trays and channel plate

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Elements of cable transformer substations block

Elements of cable transformer block substantions (CTPB)

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CL bars

Beams for cable channels

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Hods for heat pipelines

Heat trace hods

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Anchor for supports

Anchor for overhead lines support 35 kV

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Peripheral AT

Attachments for overhead power transmission lines wooden supports up to35 kV and communication lines

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Basement collars

Basement collars for overhead lines 35-750 kV

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PB beam

Балка пригрузочная для ВЛ 35-750 кВ

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OGS plates

Plates for outdoor switchgear railway lines laying and transformers installation

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SCW plates

Plates for outdoor installation switchgear, oil catchers fencing, and fire-protective wall

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