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About manufacture

We’re glad to welcome you! Concrete Nova International is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of reinforced concrete structures for energy, bridge, road and civil construction.The company “Concrete Nova International” is the assignee of the Mironovsky plant of reinforced concrete structures, which was founded by order of the Ministry of Construction of Power Plants of the USSR No. 62-a dated 03/21/1957 on the basis of the landfill of the Construction Department of Mironovskaya State District Power Station.

Today, Beton Nova International produces more than 300 types of products, including power transmission towers: SK26, SK22, SKS26, SKS22, SK105, SK120, SK135, SK136, SK140, SK150, SK164, SK180, SK200, SV105, SV95, power line foundations, road plates, piles, reinforced concrete products for the construction of substations, and much more.

Since 2018, Beton Nova International has launched the production of reinforced concrete SCs, SNTss, SK, SKS racks, centrifuged (conical) in new forms with an updated design, various types of loads and non-standard lengths. We also have the opportunity to produce these products in any color scheme.

We are glad to inform you about the innovative and very important achievement for our builders for the team of our plant. In 2019, Beton Nova International launched the unique only in Ukraine production of centrifuged (conical) section risers! By the order and with the participation of SE Nek Ukrnergo, working drawings and technical specifications for the production of sectional risers SKS26, SKS22 were developed. The racks are manufactured according to TU U 23.6-37320399-001-2019 and fully comply with DSTU B.2.6-43: 2008, DSTU V.2.6-125: 2010. Sectional racks are made of two sections.This allows you to solve transportation problems, and you do not need to use couplers from two platforms with special rotary turnstile equipment, which can significantly reduce delivery costs.implementation of telecommunication projects in hard-to-reach areas: Racks have successfully passed tests to test strength, heat resistance, and crack resistance!

Our customers have already appreciated all the advantages of this innovative type of product! By analogy with sectional conical racks of type SK26, SK22, according to the customers’ request, an enterprise may consider the possibility of manufacturing sectional cylindrical racks of type SC, SCS of standard length and with the possibility of increasing the total length.

The company “Concrete Nova International” has the opportunity to make individual orders of reinforced concrete structures according to customer drawings and provide professional advice on the design itself and production materials.

We produce the following types of metal structures:

  • The trusses are rafters.
  • Bearing building metal structures (columns, farms, communications, girders, beams).
  • Farms from corners, closed profile of rectangular cross section.
  • Custom metalwork for individual orders.
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