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“BETON NOVA INTERNATIONAL” presents a brand new and unique production

BETON NOVA INTERNATIONAL beton-nova.com.ua – a leading enterprise in Ukraine’s construction industry that has been producing for decades high-quality concrete products made of domestic raw materials. All the products are of high demand and are successfully being sold both in Ukraine and abroad.
By now “Beton Nova International” produces more than 300 product items, among them numerous modifications of electric power transmission lines, concrete basis for electric power transmission lines, road panels, and armored concrete products for electrical substation construction, etc.

“BETON NOVA INTERNATIONACL” is the first company in Ukraine to present brand new centrifugal conical cable risers CK 95

Cable risers CK 95 are 170 mm high and are designed according to the newest esthetic standards. Any color is available, as well as they can be used for any type of lightning.
New modern cable risers CK 95 exceed the out-of-date cable risers CB 95 due to their technical specifications. Therefore, they can be used also for overhead power transmission lines with potential from 0.4 to 10 kV.
Conic cable risers CK 95 have pre-stress as well, therefore, their useful lifetime is twice as long as the one of CB 95.

“BETON NOVA INTERNATIONAL” presents their new centrifugal conic cable risers CK 105 and 120-14

Both CK 105 and 120-14 can be used in electric power transmissions lines with an enlarged span between the gantries, as well as curved road sections and crossings with the motor roads and highways, places with natural hindrances, for city street illumination and highway illumination.
Make an order at beton-nova.com.ua. We will provide you with the feedback as soon as possible; also you can contact us via telephone numbers indicated. Contact managers of “Beton Nova International” will process your request, generate the answers and contact you to provide with further professional aid.

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