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Beton Nova International CJSC – to gifted children

Production Association “Ilitash” sponsored the participation of young pianist Roman Melnik from Myronovsky (Donetsk region) at the 8th International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz, held in Kyiv from October 23 to 28, 2008.

The Association and its structural units have incurred expenses and resolved organizational issues regarding the participation in the competition and the stay of the young contestant and his accompanying persons in Kyiv. In particular, the First National Carrier of Ukraine “UkrBus” provided transportation of the group with comfortable buses and CJSC “Beton Nova” provided accommodation in the capital.

Within the framework of the VIII International Competition for Young Pianists Roman Melnyk participates in the Horowitz – Debut group in two levels – “A” and “D”. Participation in the level “A – Elementary” implies a solo performance of the contestant, in the level “D – Advanced” – performance of a fragment of a concert for piano and orchestra accompanied by the second piano. The winner of the level “D” has a unique opportunity – to perform at the gala concert of the competition with the State Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine in the Column Hall. MV Lysenko of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine.

The 12-year-old Roman has been studying piano for five years, and during this period, the young musician has repeatedly become a graduate and winner of regional, national and international competitions. As the father of the young pianist – Dmitry Melnyk points out, “participation in competitions is an integral part of the professional development of any musician, and there could be many more of them in Roman’s life. Unfortunately, the main obstacle is the lack of funds needed to participate in field trips. ”

“We, the teachers, are trying to get the most out of our students’ lives, and we want to see them as followers of folk traditions and cultural heritage. But lack of funding for the education sector does not allow this to be done properly. We have many talented pets who do not always have the opportunity to present themselves. Miller Miller is one of them. This is a very gifted boy, who just needs to participate in new competitions for further development, confirmation of his titles. And we are glad that once again we were helped by the bosses – the enterprises of the corporation “Ilitash”, – commented the head of Mironov secondary school # 10, Yana Polyakov.

“The Ilitash Production Association regularly provides assistance to its sponsored establishments and tries to respond to every signal for assistance. Having learned about the difficulties that Roman and his parents have to face, we also could not stay away. It is great that a child at such an early age already has a cherished dream and a purpose in life – to connect his future with music. We are especially pleased that we can help the young gift in its realization. We wish Roman the victory in the competition, we will continue to help him and keep track of his achievements “- summarized the Deputy Director General of the Production Association” Ilitash “Irina Belousova.

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