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Teacher’s Day: Tabula rasa by CJSC Beton Nova International

On October 3, on the eve of Teacher’s Day, the Production Association “Ilitash” and CJSC “Beton Nova”, which is part of the corporation, congratulated the teachers of sponsored educational institutions on their professional holiday. Representatives of the corporation presented the Mironov secondary school No. 10 (Mironovsky village Debaltsevo), the Novgorod auxiliary boarding school (Novgorod town, Dzerzhinsk) and the Dzerzhinsk city general boarding school (Dzerzhinsk) with modern magnetic markers.

“This is one of the brightest and kindest holidays. It is established in honor of people who have dedicated their lives to educating and educating the younger generation – the future of our country. On this day, you receive greetings from colleagues and friends, from students and their parents. You accept the words of gratitude and gratitude for your noble work. You have earned this love, the universal recognition for your commitment to a difficult but necessary society for the profession. The teacher prepares us to come to life in the arms of knowledge, to enter society, to become citizens of our country. Each of us holds in our hearts the memory of those who taught us to think and understand, not to give in to difficulties, to distinguish between good and evil, to believe in ourselves and to be faithful to our calling, ”- Chief Engineer of CJSC Beton Nova congratulated the teaching staff of the institutions. Alexander Kovalenko.

As noted by Assistant Member of Parliament Igor Kozhe (Honorary President of Ilitash), Larisa Lisnyak, as a gift, the corporation opted for modern school boards, as a symbol of knowledge. “The philosophical term tabula rasa arose at the stage of the birth of science, which means“ pure board ”. And we hope that this board will reflect all the best that you put into your guys, the knowledge with which they will go through life. It will depend on you what will be reflected on the board and in the fates of the students, ”the deputy assistant said.

Taking care of educational institutions in small towns and villages is one of the areas of social activity of the Ilitash Production Association. After all, the common problems of domestic education in schools in small cities are compounded by local features – the distance from cultural centers, the lack of elementary training (library funds are not updated, are not provided by reagents of the chemistry and physics room, lack of sports equipment, etc.), organize leisure schoolchildren. Therefore, until the state can fully equip the educational process, the hope for such schools is the activity of patrons. The production association “Ilitash” only this year has already provided its sponsored schools with a satellite Internet installation (Mironovskaya secondary school № 10), video camera (Novgorod auxiliary boarding school), modern acoustic systems for organizing recreation and leisure activities for students (Novgorod internship, Dzerzhinsk City Boarding School), with a digital camera (Shcherbinovskaya Secondary School № 21, Dzerzhinsk, settlement Shcherbinovka), updated sports equipment and equipment (Dzerzhinsk City School-Int. ernate).

Representatives of Ilitash Corporation assured that they intend to continue to actively assist the sponsored educational institutions in providing educational and educational process for young citizens of our country.

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